"Korean Beyonce" Hyolyn First-Ever Performance at “Taipei New Year's Eve Party" in 2023! Star-Studded Lineup x High-Tech Crossover Performances!


Lulu Huang, four-time host of the Taipei’s New Year’s Eve Party, and popular Internet influencers Drangadrang and Arase jointly attended today’s press conference announcing that the 2023 Taipei New Year's Eve Party will feature the Korean diva Hyolyn, also known as the "Korean Beyonce," which is sure to bring an unprecedented climax to the countdown event! During the same media event, the "TUIC x 9m88," "5G XR Mobile Stage x Tanya Chua,"  and other crossover performances were also announced, further ensuring that the most exciting and star-studded New Year's Eve party in Taiwan can only be found in Taipei!


Hyolyn, who held a solo concert in Taiwan only last month, was also the first Korean female singer to perform in Taiwan after the lifting of COVID-19 border restrictions. Now in Seoul, Hyolyn even recorded a short video to "appear" at the press conference, expressing that Taiwanese fans are very enthusiastic and that she is thrilled to be returning so soon and dedicating her precious New Year's Eve to Taipei!


What’s more, Golden Melody Award-winning singer Tanya Chua will perform on the first "5G XR Mobile Stage" in Taiwan. This will be a portable, easy-to-deploy "5G XR Mobile Stage" that blends the virtual and physical worlds to bring audiences an immersive 3D simulation experience.

The new-generation jazz diva 9m88 will be paired with a "TUIC" where data closely related to everyone's life will be combined with the colorful stage screen. Matched with the artist’s avant-garde style, everyone is guaranteed a refreshing new experience!


In addition to the super-exclusive lineup of individual performers, the lineup of unique crossover collaborations is also highly anticipated. Among the talents involved will be Taiwan's iconic podcaster crew Bailingguo News and 23-year-old breakdancing national champion B-Boy Quake. In addition, the drag queen troupe Haus of Mesula has been invited to make its debut on the New Year's Eve Party stage, showcasing the gorgeous stage charms of drag queen divas and no doubt creating one of the most captivating New Year’s Eve shows yet!


The 2023 Taipei New Year's Eve Party will be broadcast live from 7:00 p.m. on December 31 to 1:00 a.m. the next day on ETTV and PTS. There will be online livestreaming on the Taipei City Government’s YouTube channel, the Taipei Travel Facebook page, Line Today, LITV, ofiii, and elsewhere. More New Year's Eve Party livestreaming platforms will be announced soon.


    For this New Year's Eve, in addition to the exciting performances, the broadcast will for the first time feature the use of FPVs, bringing a variety of perspectives and special angles live around the world. The 2023 Taipei New Year's Eve Party has joined hands with the MaiCoin Group, the number one brand in the metaverse, and the QMonster scanning app to gift all Taiwanese people a unique, personalized fireworks where their wishes can be recorded. Simply make a wish for 2023 on the "Fireworks from the Heart" campaign website and receive a free “Fireworks from the Heart NFT” as well as be entered in a draw for thousands of exciting prizes, such as the iPhone 14 Pro and round-trip tickets to Tokyo!