2023 Taipei New Year's Eve Party Off and Hopping: Future Tree and Strike of the Rabbits Create Immersive Outdoor Experiences Exclusive cast of performers in cross-generation, cross-language, cross-genre collaboration


Taiwan’s most iconic happening, the “2023 Taipei New Year's Eve Party,” was officially kicked off today (December 1). Today’s press conference launch also revealed the second wave of the strong lineup of performers for the New Year's Eve Party, including WeiBird (William Wei), 9m88, Fool and Idiot, as well as up-and-coming new-generation bands paired with renowned award-winning singers. The three pairings include famed Taiwanese singer Henry Hsu X heavy metal band Flesh Juicer; diva Julia Peng X Taiwanese rock band Amazing Show; and talented indigenous singer ABAO X indie-pop band Bestards. The combos serve as a wonderful collaboration across generations, languages, and music genres.

In conjunction with the 2023 Taiwan Lantern Festival, the theme of the 2023 Taipei New Year's Eve event is “Taipei is the Future,” with a variety of immersive experiences offered, including the Future Tree, Strike of the Rabbits in Taipei, and Ren’ai Road Lighting Decorations. From December 1 to January 2 of 2023, Taipei will be lit up in dazzling lights at Songshou Plaza and the East Entrance Plaza at Taipei City Hall in Xinyi District, Songshan Cultural and Creative Park, and Ren’ai Road, collectively creating imaginings of the future.

The Future Tree, located at Songshou Plaza, has five trees for different wishes (family, wealth, love, career, health). By making new wishes for the future, you can experience a unique immersive experience. The experience can be downloaded and saved, and people who cannot come to the site can make wishes for the future on the official website.

For Strike of the Rabbits in Taipei, New Year's Eve host Lulu (Lulu Huang), along with singing artists WeiBird and 9m88, have jointly created the designs for Lulu's Future Rabbit Hole, Sea Lions Are Not Afraid of the Countryside, and 88’s Future Rabbit Jumping Platform, featuring different styles of Future Rabbits. Simply scan the QR Code posted at the installations for an AR camera app used to find dynamic-movement Future Rabbits! For those who cannot join the Taipei event, you can also find “Watch for Children” traffic signs on sidewalks and open an AR camera on the official event website to catch Future Rabbits. Don't miss out on this fun immersive AR experience!

In addition, different lighting arrangements are used to decorate a section of Ren’ai Road (Ren’ai Road Roundabout to Yixian Road). The flow of light symbolizes the constant flow of people, vehicles, and time, counting down with the public to welcome the arrival of 2023. During the event period, members of the public stand a chance to win a limited-edition New Year's Eve T-shirt and many other goodies by participating in the pre-event activities, taking photos and sharing or filling out feedback questionnaires.